Service Options

Individual Sessions

I am available for in-office sessions for clients in the Northern Colorado/Front Range area (on Thursdays only at this time). While I will often use a combination of energy therapy techniques in your session, you may also request that the session be focused on a single therapy. All sessions include assessment and goal-setting, focused treatment, and feedback and suggestions to support your healing and growth process.

Healing Touch sessions

Healing Touch is especially useful for clients who are experiencing anxiety, feeling out of balance or scattered or ungrounded, or who want to feel more clear. It is excellent for preparing for surgery or other important events. Healing Touch affects your health and well being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual–a truly “whole”istic therapy. Go to the About Healing Touch page to learn more.

EFT sessions

EFT is helpful for dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, bereavement, physical ailments, personal performance, relationship issues, fear and anger issues. Go to the About EFT page to learn more.

Emotion Code/Body Code sessions

Emotion Code allows us to find and release trapped emotional energy in the body. This can be very helpful for clearing chronic pain, emotional issues, and relationship issues that are not responding to other interventions. It allows us to bring to conscious awareness trapped emotions that have been forgotten or that you are unaware of. Go to the About Emotion Code page to learn more. Body Code is an extension of Emotion Code and allows us to identify and clear many more imbalances and problematic energies.

Remote sessions

For those who cannot or do not wish to come to the office, I offer remote (also known as distance) sessions.

These sessions are usually done by phone but we can also arrange to meet via Zoom.

In-home and care facility sessions

I am available to provide sessions in-home or at hospitals or care facilities as needed. These out-of-office sessions will be charged an additional $10 for visits within 15 minutes of my office, with an additional charge for greater distances.



Healing Touch has an excellent track-record for supporting individuals throughout the surgery process. The surgery package includes three Healing Touch sessions, one just prior to surgery, one immediately following surgery (as soon as possible), and then one more followup session a few days later. The package also includes my travel to your location as needed: in-home and/or in-hospital. Please inform your doctor and other caregivers that you will be using Healing Touch therapy as part of your surgery preparation and recovery.

Heartwall Clearing

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, 80% or more of the population has a Heartwall, a wall protecting (or blocking) the heart made up of trapped emotional energy. A Heartwall gets in the way of giving and receiving love and can cause relationship problems. Most Heartwalls can be cleared in three to four Emotion Code sessions.


For those who wish to make subtle energy therapy a regular part of their self-care, I offer bulk pricing!

Workshops and Speaking

I offer workshops on Healing Touch and EFT that are designed to give participants the tools and resources they need to begin using these techniques on themselves, with their families and professionally.

I am available to speak about wellness issues and energy medicine for groups of all sizes. Each workshop can be designed to best meet your organization’s or group’s needs.

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