Bonnie Thompson

Bonnie Thompson, HTCP, CECP/CBCP

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Are you feeling stuck?

Do you often feel scattered, stressed and unclear?

Energy medicine can clear the energetic blocks that may be keeping you stuck.

Subtle energy methods including Healing Touch, EFT, and Emotion Code/Body Code have been key to my own healing from chronic illness and to the health and well-being of my family. I am privileged now to share these gifts with people like you who are searching for help with issues that have not responded to conventional practices.

If you are ready to:
  • Experience a greater sense of balance and clarity
  • Let go of physical discomfort and stress
  • Increase your feelings of well being
  • Enjoy more ease and calm
You are in the right place!




Free Consultation

Would you like to ask a few questions? Contact me today for a free, 20-minute, no obligation consultation or to make an appointment. All you have to do is send an email through the Contact Form on the link below. I look forward to visiting with you!
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What Clients Say

Bonnie is an intuitive, accomplished, sensitive, and caring energy therapy practitioner. I have had profoundly positive experiences with both her EFT and Healing Touch work." -- Sue Walker, Fort Collins, CO
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Healing Through the Vagus Nerve

Healing through the Vagus Nerve: Life Force and Nervous System Energetics is an advanced course for energy medicine practitioners who want to expand their knowledge and learn new techniques for supporting their clients (and themselves!) based on the new science of Polyvagal Theory. To learn more about this 5 week online course, please visit www.healingthroughthevagusnerve.com. Learn More»
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