What Clients Say

A few of my clients have been kind enough to write about their experiences. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with these amazing people! While I hope this helps you better understand what it’s like to work with me, please be aware that this is not a guarantee that you will have similar results; every individual responds uniquely.



I was recently in a car accident in which I was injured. My back and neck are in pain most of the time. I thought I would give [Healing Touch] a try. I had no idea what to expect. I went with pain at about a six [on a scale of 10] and by the end of my hour with her, my pain had decreased to a one. It was wonderful.

It was non-invasive and she would gently touch “energy points” on my body. She could tell exactly where my pain was (without me telling her) and focused gently on those areas.”

–K.S., Fort Collins, CO

I am happy to say that the wedding went great!!! It was so strange after dreading it for so many months, the actual day of the wedding I was very calm. I was able to do all my activities, the ceremony, and after party with almost no anxiousness at all. I really believe that all the work we have done was a major factor in helping me! I was even feeling great when I returned from the wedding, still having low to no anxiety. Thank you for everything Bonnie!”

–Cody McAllister, Fort Collins, CO

I had a handful of sessions of Emotion Code with Bonnie and the effects seemed to be gradual and subtle yet very significant. It is a perfect complementary treatment to Healing Touch and even to psychotherapy to facilitate a more rapid clearing of old patterns that interfere with our ability to experience more joy and love in our day to day lives.”

–Lauri Pointer, HTCP/I, Fort Collins, CO

My last session with Bonnie created profound relaxation. Our achieved goal was to heal my heart at the physical and emotional level. Wish I could have a daily treatment because it feels so nice but less often is as effective! Bonnie has the ability to assist the body to find a still point so that the body can relax and heal itself. If you want she will teach you techniques for self-care at home.”

–Kathy Svoboda, Sterling, CO

Bonnie is an intuitive, accomplished, sensitive, and caring energy therapy practitioner. I have had profoundly positive experiences with both her EFT and Healing Touch work. In addition to being personally helped by Bonnie’s work, I have also worked with her in classes and office settings and find her to always be of the highest integrity in her ability and professionalism. I enthusiastically recommend Bonnie as a practitioner and colleague.”

–Sue Walker, HTCP/I, Fort Collins, CO

Bonnie graciously came over the day I gave birth to Nathan, 18 months ago, and spent some time with my mother and I before I went into labor. I found her energy work assisted me tremendously in being able to focus and tune in to my body. … Also, Bonnie showed my mother some tools she could use to assist me during labor and I found myself asking for them repeatedly during transition and the final round!”

–A.H., Fort Collins, CO

Bonnie is a talented, extremely thoughtful, and very positive practitioner of Healing Touch. My expectations for each session are always exceeded. I highly recommend Bonnie as a person and practitioner!”

–Carol, RMT

With the distance healing touch session, Bonnie was very clear in explaining the process of the session over the phone. Just after we hung up I felt my energy shift and I knew she had started. I relaxed deeply and the time seemed to go by very quickly. When she called back after the session was through I felt lighter, and Bonnie explained the areas she focused on and they were areas I have had problems in before. I thought that was amazing that she could really feel where I needed work!

Ever since I have maintained a feeling of centeredness and grounding which stands out the most at my job as a waitress in a busy restaurant. I will definitely use this treatment again!”

–Renee Gullicksen, Fort Collins, CO

Bonnie helped me in more ways than I can say. Just working with an elderly woman with a history of physical and emotional abuse is a challenge. After years of searching–therapy, seminars, etc. I found the “Emotion Code” book and I found Bonnie on line.

We live far apart so we did the work by phone–weekly. She was always patient and nonjudgmental. At the beginning of each session Bonnie would talk to me about my week and ask me my intention for that week. She was very good at discerning what was important to me and guided me on my journey.

I began to feel lighter and lighter. Clearing these trapped emotions made it easier to access my heart and it helped me to be able to deal with my family. My relationships with my children also improved. From going through a difficult transition, I now have my own small business and people appreciate my work.

I have never met a kinder, more caring, more generous or more knowledgeable person in her field. We used “The Emotion Code” and EFT technique (also very helpful). I highly recommend Bonnie for anyone wanting to find peace, joy and freedom in their life.

–Clare K., Oregon

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