New Client Info

Suggestions for Preparing for a Session

It is important to me to make the best possible use of our time together. You are spending your hard-earned money and want results, and I want you to have a positive experience. I have prepared some information for you on this page to help prepare you for your session.

Downloadable Intake Forms

Click on the Client Information-Agreement link below to open and print out the required forms (pdf format):

HTW Client Information-Agreement Forms

If possible, please print on both sides of the paper. My file cabinet (and the environment) appreciate it.

Bring the completed and signed forms with you to your first in-office appointment. This will allow us to focus more of our time on you and your needs rather than on paperwork. Thank you!

Personal Preparation

We will start every session with some discussion about your goals. What is your desired positive outcome from the session? I prefer that we focus our mutual goal on a positive direction. Sometimes it’s hard to express a positive goal; you might want to start with what is not working well for you and then turn it around to describe what it’s like to not have that issue/symptom anymore.

EFT Introductory Video

If you are new to EFT, watch this six-minute video with Bonnie showing you the tapping points and what EFT looks like.

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